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  • Perth Fashion Festival WA Collections-Jessica Bratich by Molly Stott

    After interning for Perth handbag designer Jessica Bratich for the past few weeks it was a rewarding experience to sit and watch the WA Designer Collections show on Friday night featuring 13 local designers.

    The sold out show was a huge success with the audience constantly engaged as each designer showcased their current collections. As Jessica Bratich’s collection came down the runway, the models demanded attention. The collection had a powerful monochromatic aesthetic with black and white dresses by LJ Chaplin, black shoes by Vangoh and black and white hand made leather cuffs also by Jessica Bratich. Not to mention the key feature of the show – the bags. Each bag was just as strong as the next, showcasing the designer’s use of hardware and leather textile. Opening with an all white look, featuring a white leather tote style bag with chain strap detail and gold hardware, the rest of the looks showcased clutches, satchel styles and the overnighter bag. I was most excited about seeing the clutches come down the runway as these bags screamed power and edginess. Covered almost completely in hand sewn silver studs or clear studs these bags captured the light and the attention of the audience.

    9895_594811227227300_2008693195_n                                                                                                Photograph:craigmadephotos

    To tie in with the look of the show Jessica Bratich also featured leather wrist and ankle cuffs. These were also in black and white to embody the aesthetic of the show. Long strap style cuffs wrapped around wrists and ankles echoing the ideas of power and edginess. After a few weeks of cutting leather, hammering press-studs and putting looks together, finally seeing the finished product was worth the many thumbs that were mistaken for a press-stud and the sleepless nights for the designer.

    1238923_594786563896433_806553713_n Photograph: Jo Bevis

    Overall it was a great show, and the best part was seeing how each designer distinguished them selves in a show that featured so many other creative’s. No wonder why it was a full house as there was so much diverse local talent, therefore creating an engaging impressive show.


                                                                                                    Photograph: craigmadephotos

  • The Whirlwind that has been the last few weeks for Jessica Bratich

    What’s been a very hectic few months I have finally found a moment to spare to sit down and tell you about the JB journey. What started as an unexpected phone call from fellow Perth designer Betty Tran turned into the development of some exclusive designs to a manufacturing trip then on to New York and the opportunity to have my handbags on the runway at the New York Fashion Palette.

    To follow I hit the runway again teaming up with Betty Tran again on The Perth Fashion Festival with a few other exciting things happening in between which ‘m about to share with you …

    To start…… The New York Fashion Palette

    Day 1
    After 3 flights to get to the Big Apple about 27 hours of Travel and a good nights sleep it was straight into the action. Day one I took my bags and met up with Betty. It was straight into getting the 10 looks for the show sorted. We put together the clothes, my bags, belts and some jewellery to complete the look along with help from Aniqua from Elite Threads Betty’s show sponsor.

    Once that was completed it was straight to model fittings. The calibre of the models was exceptional. They were not only of an exceptional standard they were very pleasant to work with. Seeing the looks on the models we made some minor adjustments to ensure the perfect runway look. This went for about 4 hours so a bit of a waiting game in between models appearing.

    Day 2
    The Welcome dinner was at De Santos it was quite laid back and gave us a chance to mingle with other designers and the Fashion Palette team. Not only did we get this opportunity but were treated to a lovely meal at the same time


    Day 3
    Breakfast with bloggers and lunch with editors. It gave us the opportunity to meet with various international editors and bloggers they had the opportunity to see what would be showing at the Palette and conduct interviews with designers. It was once again a very relaxed environment and gave us the chance to develop some international contacts.

    Day 4
    Was Showtime…. call time was obviously several hours before the show this involved setting up the racks and making sure the looks were complete with the bags and jewellery. Once this was complete it was a waiting game while the models had their hair and make-up done for the show. I ran into Perth hair stylist Melissa Gesualdo who was part of the team for the show. What a small world it can be sometimes!


    During the time waiting for the show we had the pleasure of meeting the stunning Broadway Star Paloma Garcia-Lee she reminded me of an old Hollywood star! We dressed her in Betty Tran and she carried a Jessica Bratich bag. As you can see she looked amazing!!

    I also got a chance to meet and chat with lovely Perth Style blogger Jordana Ripp who you can see her coverage of the event at Perth Style. 

    6.30ish saw the start of the show, which always seems to look so smooth from the front but is always complete kaos from the back. Designers, models, hair and makeup, dressers running around frantically to make sure everyone is ready to go and the looks are correct and the models get out in time! It’s always such a rush seeing your designs go out on the runway and the Betty Tran and Jessica Bratich style seem to complement each other really well! While we didn’t get to see the show the feedback we got was it was received very well!

    Day 5
    With the show wrapped up the night before it was straight to a meeting with the agent and publicist the next morning. We got to discuss our labels and focus on our plans for the future. Both ladies were very helpful and told us what we needed to do and what they will do for us in order to grow our brands and hit the US market. I found it really helpful as it has given me future direction. The agent has kept our collections for future meets with clients and will work towards engaging the US market. A couple of hours after the meet it was straight to airport to head home on the long-haul.

    Next task Perth Fashion Festival WA Designer Collections. Had the pleasure of working with Kymm from Perth Fashion Focused to help put together 8 looks for the Betty Tran runway. Kymm had pulled some looks together then we worked together accessorizing the right bags with the right outfit and making sure the collection flowed and showcased enough of our collections.

    In between preparing for the show and the actual show itself I had the opportunity to give Mel B (xfactor judge and former spice girl) two of my clutches, which to my excitement she loved and was then spotted with 2 days in a row. What a compliment!



    The day of the show Betty and I were interview for channel 9 by the lovely Ebbeny Faranda.

    Then 6.30 Friday night it was time for the show. Kymm from Perth Fashion Focused worked back stage for the show and I for the first time got to see my pieces come down the runway this is a rare opportunity as a designer so thanks Kymm!


    So as you can see it’s been a hectic few weeks! What’s next you say well. I have some exciting new stockists to announce along with lots of new stock coming in and once December comes around I will have a few weeks off as I’m expecting my first baby!

    It’s been a crazy few weeks, months and I could even say year but so far I have loved every minute of it and can’t wait to see what comes up next!

  • Pure Fashion Bar by Samantha Stenner

    A few weeks ago, via a Facebook status, I discovered Jessica had an upcoming Fashion event that she was unable to attend. Having a back ground in hair and beauty, and a love for fashion, I threw my hand up to volunteer and help out.

    Jessica had already been to the fittings and I was given pictures of each model dressed in their complete runway look. Armed with all relevant information, clothes, shoes and of course the gorgeous clutches and handbags, I was ready to rock and roll!

    This Fashion event, ‘Pure Fashion Bar; Winter Wonderland’ was held in the Fremantle Town Hall, Friday the 6th of July. The event was hosted by N&R Entertainment and Sorella’s Australia. The night was set to be a showcase of homegrown talent.

    Once the big day came around, my first job on the agenda was to set up clothing, shoes and of course the clutches and handbags. Ensuring all clothing was pressed and ready for runway standard.

    Upon introducing myself to the stunning models, I discovered there were some last minute model changes. At this point I became nervous…. thankfully the clothing and shoes had fit the new models just as well.

    The models hair and makeup by Decode Hair Body Lifestyle evoked a feeling of belonging to a ‘Winter Wonderland’. A combination of silver and icy pink bob wigs, complete with a stenciled, delicate, lace like pattern with makeup consisting of strong smokey eyes and a pale lip. The overall look was bold yet beautiful and complimentary to Jessica’s current collection.

    Once I was all organized, I helped other the other designers steaming their gorgeous frocks, it was great to see such beautiful work from local talent. Twenty minutes before Show time, it was all hands on deck dressing and preparing the models.

    Jessica Bratich was second on the runway with the models dressed in black fitted singlets with either red, lemon or cobalt skinny leg jeans and black pumps. This simplistic yet bold look did a well in ‘showcasing’ Jessica’s designs the outfit highlighted the bold lines and detail in the clutches and handbags perfectly.

    Being ‘behind the curtains’ I was unable to see the crowds reactions, however I did hear a massive appreciation through the cheering and applause. Kymm Battle-Burrows from Perth Fashion Focused Blog, who herself owns a Jessica Bratich handbag gave much praise for the latest collection as did the models and presenters.

    It was a great night, and I would gladly volunteer to assist Jessica in showcasing her collection again. Who wouldn’t love to have these ‘gems’ in their possession!

    Samantha Stenner xoxo
    (Guest blogger for Jessica Bratich)

  • Jessica Bratich @ Savoire Faire Perth Fashion Week in the New Gen Show

    After months of planning the big day arrived, it was Showtime. My day began at 4am where I got up and prepared myself for the long day ahead. Fortunately I had packed the car the night before. By 5am I had arrived at my wonderful friend and assistant for the day Claire Jorgensen-Goss house, I couldn’t have done it without her. We headed over to the Perth Convention Centre where we had a 6am call time.

    The lovely Claire

    First job on the list was to unpack everything and set up. Firstly the clothes followed by the shoes from my sponsor Betts and then the bags. After that we steamed the clothes to make sure they were runway ready. Then it came to playing with the runway order. What should go where? Thanks to the help of stylist Elizabeth Clarke we worked out and order that we all agreed on and thought would work. While this was happening the models were getting their hair and make-up done.

    The clothes unpacked
    Sorting out the order

    After a bit of waiting around we had the chance to fit the last three models which we hadn’t had the chance to prior. Luckily the clothes fit, we did have to improvise with a bit of stuffing, heal grips and party feet as the shoes were a little bigger than expected.

    The sexy shoes from Betts

    Then there was some more waiting around until we went out and figured out where the models and we as designers would walk to.

    We had about and hour to go, lots of excitement and nerves during this time.

    The lovely Shirin Carter from Ragdoll Photography came in and shot a couple of pre show shots. Then it was show time.

    Nervously awaiting my turn

    My show was last in the New Gen section. We waited  ready for the models to come out and get them changed and in the right order ready to hit the runway. Before I knew it the time had arrived.

    In a matter of minutes the girls had walked the runway and I walked out with the lovely Courtney Eaton. What a feeling of excitement and relief I had afterwards. The whole experience from the design process to seeing it go down the runway was amazing! Lots of hard work but with a great feeling of self-satisfaction at the end.

    Me with the lovely Courtney Eaton

    The show was followed by photos for the West Australian an interview with Dani Pola from the dirt and an interview with TV One.

    Then of course their was the celebration with family and friends afterwards. I was so happy to have many wonderful people there to support me I really appreciated it.

    Thanks so much for your support!

    If you missed the show follow this link.